Perhaps it was his West Indian heritage where DJs play a major part of the culture. Or quite possibly, he was engulfed by the skills of the local radio DJs as they mixed track after track live on the air. Or maybe...it was the "whoa" moment as a teenager when he successfully blended two songs together for the very first time. Whatever 'it' was, it seemed to be a destiny that was carved from the beginning which propelled music to the forefront of his life.

FIFTYONE's first live DJ event started out as an outreach at his University during his freshman year in 2005. With time, these outreaches stretched to youth events, youth events became celebration parties, and these parties eventually evolved into concerts.

As a DJ, FIFTYONE is the person trusted in providing the soundtrack for an entire event. He has shared the stage with many talented artists, both from the local and national level, and has preformed in front of thousands of people across different cities and countries.

Throughout all of his experiences he says, "I'll never stop being amazed at the opportunities that have been Godsent. Music has been a common thread that has bridged my life to so many others."



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